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What´s new in COPRA FEA RF 2019

With over 20 years of FEA simulation experience in research and industry our specialists have contributed to the COPRA FEA RF continuous improvement.

COPRA FEA User´s Guide

With this new tool COPRA FEA RF users get step-by-step illustrated instructions on software functionalities.

The guides consist of:

  • Ready-to-use simulation models
  • Manuals for the creation of an example model

Additionally, roll formers and tube makers planning to expand their product portfolio with additional processing steps will find instructions on how to model two advanced operations: “tube bending” and “embossing”.

Automatic Report Feature

The absolute Highlight of COPRA FEA RF 2019!

Reduces the time necessary for the analysis and evaluation of the simulation results. Designers profit from major time savings of up to 90%. Also, it facilitates the standardization of reports and information and the comparison of different simulations by means of user-defined templates. It can also be used as a powerful tool to gain more detailed insight into the manufacturing process.

Simulation End Station

During the design-phase the user can start a simulation and define in which station the simulation should end. This allows the user to simulate the already existing designed stations while continuing the roll design. This tool can be used for a more efficient simultaneous roll design and finite element simulation resulting in considerable time savings in the overall process.

Reduced Calculation time

due to an improved contact algorithm. Depending on the model, the time saving can be as high as 25%!

Improved hole meshing capabilities

to create more robust, stable and effective meshes, even when simulating profiles with complex hole shapes.

Additional Developments and Notes

  • E-mail notification when simulation is finished
  • Improved CAD-import
  • Model Navigator for an easy FEA model overview and navigation
  • Marc / Mentat 2018.0 included
  • Multi-Physics simulation available
  • Windows 10 support
  • Save View & Get View functions can be used with multiple views
  • New colour map
  • General usability improvements
  • New, improved Help