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“Getting Smart With COPRA” US Seminar Series August 2019

Following the recent release of our COPRA RF 2019 and COPRA FEA RF 2019 line up, we are looking forward to sharing some of the streamlined and new features with our customers and prospects alike.

We are offering a 2-day technical seminar where we will not only demonstrate our new features, but also allow you to try things “first-hand” by taking our software (COPRA RF 2019 and COPRA FEA RF 2019) and Hardware (COPRA ProfileScan Desktop 80) for a spin yourself.

What You Will Learn

  • Industry Update; find out about the latest “state of the art” R&D taking place between our industry and the automotive industries of USA, Germany and Australia.
  • COPRA RF 2019, what we have been working on and how it fits into the workflow.
  • COPRA FEA RF 2019, reducing your optimisation time and lead time with FEA RF 2019.
  • COPRA EcoSystem, how our software and hardware integrate with our SmartBox and SmartFactory sensors to support Industry 4.0 in Roll Forming.
  • COPRA ProfileScan Desktop, why we should use one and what are the benefits.
  • Work Together Sessions, try, see do sessions, first-hand. COPRA RF, COPRA FEA RF and COPRA ProfileScan Desktop 80.
  • Plus, plenty of time to answer your questions.

Network with various likeminded industry professionals from across the Roll-Forming Industry whilst having a unique and unforgettable experience, with the data M team.

We will be offering a guided tour of the famous Columbus Brewery District, with “Columbus Brew Adventures” on the evening of the 7th August, numbers will be limited so early registration is essential.

For our St Louis event, on the evening of the 13th we will join “Discover St. Louis” for an enlightening tour of the “Brews of Saint Lou”, numbers will again be limited so early registration is essential.


Seminar 1: Columbus, Ohio

Date: Wednesday August 7th – Thursday 8th 2019
Time: 08:30 – 16:30

Columbus Ohio Location/Accommodation:
Holiday Inn Columbus Downtown - Capitol Square 

Seminar 2: St. Louis, Missouri

Date: August 13th – Wednesday 14th 2019
Time: 08:30 – 16:30

St. Louis Location/Accommodation:
Holiday Inn St. Louis - Forest Park

To reserve your room, please call the chosen hotel directly and as soon as possible to insure availability. All customers are responsible for booking and paying for their own rooms.

The events will be hosted by

Albert Sedlmaier, Managing Director of data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH and
Carl Stephenson, Managing Director of data M Sheet Metal Solutions UK


Note: for those who are interested, our team will also be in available on the days prior to the seminars for dedicated trainings, meetings, (sales/project or otherwise), demonstrations and software installations outside of this event at your request, so please book your slot in advance via email or our contact form.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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