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Rollforming the Future

COPRA RF Software

The design software COPRA RF has been leading in the roll forming segment for years. It provides various roll forming specific functions and tools and is suitable for all common cross sections as well as for welded tubes.


Our comprehensive and leading analytics software simulates the entire manufacturing process including pre- and post-operational steps and can this verify the design. COPRA FEA RF with its fast simulation times saves costs and you won’t need a...

COPRA WireRolling

With COPRA WireRolling, data M offers an ideal design- and simulation solution for your wire projects. With numerous auxiliary and automation functions, time-consuming steps can be omitted to keep the focus on the optimization of forming strategies.

COPRA ProfileScan

COPRA ProfileScan Desktop is a portable optical measuring device that can measure the entire cross section with a destruction-free measurement. The award-winning setup allows for quick and cost efficient quality control with only one sensor.

COPRA RollScanner

Our roll scanning device enables efficient and high-precision quality control of your roll tools and at the same time can be an entry point toward a fully integrated roll management solution. COPRA RollScanner follows the contour automatically –...

COPRA RollLifecyle Management

Besides comprehensive and intelligent roll management, COPRA RLM with SmartSearch provides a real-time search of roll tools as early as during the design phase by selection of the profile element. Additionally, you can efficiently rework roll tools...