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COPRA WireRolling

Our COPRA WireRolling software is tailor-made for roll forming of wire profiles. The integrated solution includes both the design module COPRA RF WireRolling as well as the simulation software COPRA FEA RF WireRolling for verification of your wire projects. With our solution, you can optimize the forming process or single roll tools as early as during the design stage.

Demand for complex profile wires rising

Demand for complex profile wires with ever decreasing cross sections (100 mm2 and smaller) has been rising for years, with all technical and logistic challenges for producers. Profile wires are mostly manufactured out of round or rectangular wires and incrementally formed by drawing dies or wire rollers. Thus, only the initial and final shape of the wire is known at the start of the project. But the more complex a product gets, there more material alterations will be a problem. COPRA FEA RF WireRolling simulates these changes reliably and quickly so that your designers can optimize the forming process beforehand. Time and cost intensive trial-and-error procedures while implementing and equipping the roll forming line can thus be prevented.

Efficient design for your wire projects

COPRA RF WireRolling relieves your designers by taking away a lot of time consuming tasks. The software can determine the form of the reshaping stations with specifically developed algorithms – only the definition of the initial and final cross section is required. Additionally, COPRA RF WireRolling calculates the forming station by inserting the count as well as the diameter of the wire.

Optimizing production process with COPRA WireRolling

Without previous verification of the design, the line needs to be equipped and implemented. In a worst-case scenario, the project is not even feasible. Even experienced roll forming engineers won’t be able to take all factors into account with complex profiles, resulting in time consuming attempts and constant adjustments of roll design or forming strategy.

Any modification can of course be simulated and thus verified at any time. Based on the roll contours as well as the defined cross sections, COPRA FEA RF calculates material behavior during the roll forming process quickly and accurately. The designer only needs to insert mechanical properties. By simulating the process, you can also determine the optimal roll speed to prevent the wire of bulging.

As with all our FE simulation solutions, the software generates a model automatically and conducts a roll forming specific analysis. There is no need for a dedicated FEA specialist. COPRA FEA RF calculates the required flow curve based on the mechanical material properties. Therefore it can be determined if the material becomes brittle and the wire is thus easily cracking before the actual implementation of the roll forming line.

  • Automatic calculation of stations through definition of wire diameter as well as number of stations
  • Effective design features for customized roll tool design
  • Interactive definition of rolling stages

Reduce cost, ensure product quality: COPRA RF WireRolling

With COPRA RF WireRolling, design and simulation stage literally go hand in hand. Because COPRA RF WireRolling checks the selected forming process virtually for deviations or other errors after the design of the roll tools.

  • Automatic preparation of the FE model from existing COPRA designs
  • Calculation of forming forces and distribution of shaping tasks among each station
  • Tools for analysis and interpretation of simulation results – no FEA specialist needed
  • Dynamic animation of reshaping process