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COPRA RollLifecyle Management Reuse your rolls

Our roll data base COPRA RLM is the central switching point for roll formers. Even large inventories can be efficiently exploited with intelligent management functions for precise roll tools and the possibility of reutilization. And with the new function smart search, automatic real-time search for suitable rolls can be conducted as early as during the design stage.

COPRA RLM is more than just a roll management software. Due to intelligent and linked-up soft- and hardware, our data base is fully integrated in design and optimization processes respectively. With accurate and fully automatic roll search, you will not only prevent delays, but also assemble an entire roll set easily and quickly.

Intelligent and interconnected soft- and hardware – efficient usage of your roll stock

Many companies store old roll tools for years while ordering or producing new rolls due to time pressure. In most cases, companies could recycle old rolls by simply re-turning them and thus reduce tool costs significantly.

If the roll contours have been scanned correctly with COPRA RollScanner, the intelligent similarity function automatically compares hundreds of contours and identifies roll tools suitable for reworking.

COPRA Efficient Use of roll tool stock with COPRA RollScanner and RLM

  • Automatic contour tracing - no programming necessary
  • Continous quality control of roll tools
  • Analysis and reworking of existing roll sets
  • Cost reduction due recycling of old rolls
  • Intelligent measuring functions

COPRA RLM Smartsearch

Naturally, challenges across branches are diverse, but they still have one aspect in common: High storage cost and thus high savings potential. Producers frequently stock up on roll tools to prevent shortage or resort to standard or combination roll sets just to discover not having the right tool in time after all. With Smartsearch, COPRA RLM searches the roll data base automatically by simply selecting the respective section element in COPRA RF. The designer just needs to choose the right one out of the visually displayed roll contours that are automatically imported. There is no need for inserting roll parameters manually. With this method, you can also easily and in detail keep track of roll wear.

As a result, there is not only time savings up to 30 %, but also the possibility of recycling old roll tools for new products. As early as during the design stage, COPRA RLM calculates which rolls would be suitable for reworking. The respective contours will be highlighted.

On top, COPRA RLM generates order lists based on the current stock and required roll dimensions for a new project. By booking rolls in or out with simple handheld scanners, your stock data is always up to date and only the actually required rolls will be ordered.

  • RLM Smartsearch: real-time roll search as early as during the design stage
  • Functions for recycling of old rolls
  • Automatic generation of order lists
  • Roll management tools (Booking in/out, scrapping etc.)