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After more than 15 years of research and development in the field of flexible roll forming, data M presents a machine for the production of prototype components and small series: The 3D Rollforming Center. The machine can produce profiles with asymmetrical cross-sections both in depth and width, allowing for an immense variety of shapes.

The machine has two six-axis robot arms and forms the sheet metal in all directions. In contrast to many other processes, the sheet metal is not thinned out during roll forming. In particular, lightweight construction in the automotive sector requires components with thin wall thicknesses and discontinuous cross-sections - both in depth and width.

Applications of the 3D Roll Forming Center

The 3D Rollforming Center is directed at research institutes in the field of metal forming as well as development departments of suppliers. The space-saving machine can show its strengths particularly in the design and production of innovative components and can even produce small series. The 3D Rollforming Center is intended for research, feasibility studies, testing of roll tools or new forming concepts and is equally suitable for the sampling of components as well as the production of small series up to batch size 1. The 3D Rollforming Center can produce innovative prototype parts and also produce classic profiles with constant cross-sections along the longitudinal axis.

With the 3D Rollforming Center, multidimensional roll forming becomes reality.

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