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COPRA RF Tubes is the leading software solution for the design of roll tools in tube mills. The modular-built package provides the fitting solution for almost any specific requirement. Producers of round-, rectangular- as well as shaped tubes will find numerous pre-defined strategies for an efficient manufacturing that only needs to be adjusted to the specific demands.

Efficient rollforming process with COPRA RF Tubes

Successful tube projects crucially depend on an optimized rollforming strategy. COPRA RF Tubescontains numerous predefined strategies that only need to be adapted by your designers to your company'sspecifications. COPRA RF Tubes significantly simplifies this process.The best part: This provides maximum flexibility in the design of the flower pattern. For example, the integrated calculation routines allow the determination of angles and radii based on the provided knife width. Furthermore, it is possible to define tolerances tailor-made for your processesand machine specifications. Additionally, common stand types are already included in COPRA RF Tubes.

COPRA RF Tubes comes with an integrated browser, aiding designers in navigating between individual, automatically labelled rollforming stations. Particularly complex tube production can otherwise quickly become very confusing.It is straightforward to define an arbitrary number of variations of the required round or rectangular tubes. COPRA RF Tubes automatically adapts the contours of the rolls to a changing material thickness. Each variation corresponds to its own project and can thus be prepared for a finiteelement simulation at any time. On top, for many years COPRA RF Tubes has been and still is the only software available worldwide able to reliably determine the ideal path of the sheet edge insidethe rollforming line (Down-Hill-Forming) using its award-winning (International Tube Association) optimization algorithm. This enables tube forming with minimized stresses.

Furthermore, COPRA RF Tubes contains numerous additional features. This includes the calculationof intermediate steps for drawing rings (COPRA RF Drawing Dies), cage forming (COPRA RF CageForming) orthe analysis tool COPRA RF DTM that allows reliable evaluations of project feasibility, evenwithout an FEA simulation.

Features suitable for shaped tubes are also provided: COPRA RF Shaped Tubes calculates the forming of round and shaped tubes based only on the number of forming steps. In turn, COPRA RF automatically calculates and optimizes the individual calibration steps for the subsequent roll design. Two different mathematical methods for the distribution of compression are provided. These allow better control of so called undercuts.

  • Predefined and adjustable forming strategies
  • Integrated management tool for projects and documents (CADFinder)
  • Various functions for optimization of forming process
  • Suitable for design of round- and rectangular tubes as well as shaped tubes
  • Tailor-made parametric for the design of roll tools
  • automatic flower design