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What's new in COPRA RF 2021

COPRA RF has been global market leader in the field of roll forming software for some years now, with the latest release of COPRA RF 2021 our team have worked on new features tailored to the requirements and needs of today’s roll forming designers. These new features improve the workflow, making it more efficient and dynamic further still.

SpreadSheet Virtual Station allows Multichange elements feature

The new version of COPRA RF introduces the possibility to create a virtual station. A virtual station is only visible in the spreadsheet, meaning that it does not count as a station in the project. It allows the user to perform multiple changes to one profile element without the need to create additional forming stations.
A virtual station is indicated in the spreadsheet with a plus sign next to its station number.

Project search in CadFinder

The user has the possibility to search for projects in CadFinder using a keyword, allowing a more efficient and smart access to the project database. If more than one project contain the searched keyword, the relevant projects will be listed and the user can easily browse from project to project and select the desired one.

Expanded Smart Roll Possibilities

As in the last versions of COPRA RF, the Smart rolls functionality profits from a continuous improvement of its features. The current release will incorporate an enhanced, more efficient and user-friendly use of the copy and move feature.

Developments include:

  • SmartRolls copy with clone option
  • SmartRolls copy and move-> Multiselection of rolls, even from different axes is now possible
  • SmartRolls copy and move across stations possible now

Comparing of flower sequence from different projects

The user has now the possibility to browse projects and select the projects she/he would like to compare. The flower of the selected projects will then be visible in the working area, allowing a visual comparison of different projects.

New material database

A new material database was developed where the user can easily create an entry, with the relevant material properties, for each desired material. This database can be accessed at any time during the development of a project and with a click of a mouse button the material and its corresponding properties are assigned to the project.

Additional Developments and Notes

  • AutoCAD 2021 support
  • Inventor 2021 support
  • DXF-Contour for individual rolls
  • Improved general usability