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What's new in COPRA RF 2019

COPRA RF has been global market leader in the field of roll forming software for some years now, with the latest release of COPRA RF 2019 our team have worked on new features tailored to the requirements and needs of today’s roll forming designers. These new features improve the workflow, making it more efficient and dynamic further still.

Optimized Axis Configuration

With the new Axis Configurator, machine set-up parameters can be defined in a fast, fluid and easy manner. This new tool allows the designer to precisely adjust the machine axis in real-time.

Axes positions can be changed in the table and roll diameters will be updated in automatically - ensuring a faster and more effective tool design. Additionally, with this new functionality the user can modify tooling designed to produce a specific profile to fit a different machine – significantly reducing redesign efforts.

  • Time saving through easy and fast axis modification
  • Machine settings always up-to-date
  • Full control of machine set-up

Improved Integration into the COPRA Product Family

The entire COPRA product family is continuously furnished with new features and the integration of all products is continuously advancing.

In our latest version of COPRA RF, the user can expect a more robust, user-friendly and efficient integration of both COPRA RollScanner and COPRA ProfileScan Desktop software and their respective utilities.

Expanded Smart Roll Possibilities

The hugely popular SmartRolls functionality - which allows the possibility to save valuable time through a more efficient roll design – has now been even further enhanced in the COPRA RF 2019 release.

Developments include:

  • SmartRolls can now be used with any axes, including accessory axes
  • Copy rolls across stations - available with COPRA RF 2019 SR1
  • Automatic merging of roll entities after roll creation - available with COPRA RF 2019 SR1

Visualization of Coated Areas in the Profile

The user can now assign coated and laminated areas to the profile which will then be created and visible in the complete flower design. This enables the designer to always be aware of coated areas, thus allowing development of the appropriate roll design to prevent surface damage.

CNC Table Dimensioning

Manually programmed turning centres are still being widely used in industry for roll tool production, thus COPRA RF 2019 allows a more efficient programming of such machines. The designer can now create a detailed table with the coordinates of the roll contour, for simplistic programming at the CNC control.

Four-Roll Welding Pass (Tube Mill Program)

New station type: For producers of round and shaped tubes. COPRA RF 2019 now offers the possibility to automatically generate a four-roll-welding-pass. With this new development designers can now choose from two-, three-, four- and five-roll welding pass solutions.

Additional Developments and Notes

  • UNDO is now available with all commands (COPRA® RF WireRolling 2019)
  • Optimised Conversion of Splines into Polylines (COPRA® RF WireRolling 2019)
  • Improved Handling when working in 3D Model (COPRA® RF WireRolling 2019)
  • AutoCAD 2019 support
  • Inventor 2019 support
  • SolidWorks 2018 support
  • Improved general usability