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COPRA RF Open and Closed Sections

COPRA RF for Open and Closed Sections

We have been adjusting our CAD software COPRA RF for many years to the needs of rollforming manufacturers. It is suitable for both simple and complex as well as open and closed rollformed cross sections. Using additional modules like COPRA RF Roll Design allows to cover the entire rollforming process chain.

Requirements for an efficient software for CAD and flat pattern calculation exceed by far what basic functions for the design of simple cross sections and rolls can offer. The production of complex profiles with ever decreasing material thickness and numerous pre- and post-processing manufacturing steps requires a software fulfilling these demands and that is, in addition, integrated into an intelligent and cross-linked workflow, covering design, simulation as well as administration/management.

Therefore COPRA RF Sections is the ideal solution for the design and calculation of flat patterns for open and closed rollformed cross sections of all kinds. Our software offers several convenient possibilities for the design of final cross sections and furthermore provides tailor-made solutions for the parametric design of flower patterns in table form (COPRA RF Spreadsheet). There are additional add-ons for trapezoidal and currogated sheet metal (COPRA RF Trapeze/Corrugated) and the analysis and optimization of the flower pattern (COPRA RF Flower Technology, COPRA RF FTM). This allows the reliable determination of important factors like theoretical spring-back, the optimal path for the sheet edge between forming stands and also longitudinal stretching.

AssemblyCheck - hassle-free commissioning of rollforming lines

Process optimization is the focus of data M. Thus, with COPRA RF 2017 we introduced the new feature AssemblyCheck that considerably simplifies the implementation of rollforming lines for manufacturers. After measuring roll contours with COPRA RollScanner and transfer of the data to COPRA RLM, COPRA RF processes and compares the outlines of the roll set. Deviations can thus be discoverd immediately. Therefore, any flawed positioning at bending stations can be prevented beforehand. After adaption of the individual roll tools, this technique then also allows an update of the entire design.

Efficient tool design with COPRA® RF Roll Design

Together with the forming strategy, an efficient roll design is the most important factor for the quality as well as the manufaturing cost of the final product. With SmartRolls, almost the entire roll design can be automated, based only on the cross section of the profile. From our own experience, the number of mouse clicks required in the process can thus be dramatically reduced. Furthermore, COPRA RF Sections provides numerous ready-made roll designs for frequently used standard shapes like top hat-, U- or C-shaped cross sections. Not only coarse edge contours are calculated, the software also provides precise roll contours including all details like weights of the final tools excluding volumes of possibly required boreholes.

Process optimization, efficiency

COPRA RF Sections also provides suitable features and solutions for the prevalent combination roll sets. For the frequent production of identical profile shapes with varying sizes, the available flower pattern is adjusted automatically. The flat patterns of profiles with identical shapes only have to be calculated once - a considerable efficiency gain.

  • CADFinder Project- and Documentmanagement
  • Parametric calculation of flat patterns with COPRA RF Spreadsheet
  • Efficient roll design with SmartRolls
  • Full integration in COPRA workflow - verification at any time
  • Automatic generation of production documents
  • Hole pattern editor: Editing of the 2D/3D-models
  • Analytical simulation with COPRA RF DTM